Daily Discovery: Megan Bonnell, “Off The World”

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ARTIST: Megan Bonnell

SONG: Off The World

BIRTHDATE: June 16, 1986

HOMETOWN: Caledon, Ontario

CURRENT LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario

AMBITIONS: Off the top of my head; travel the world playing music, get my pilots license (my dad’s a pilot, and his dad was a a pilot), refurbish an old farm house to live in and record music there, have some farm animals including a horse (I used to have my own horse) , learn to bake (DELICIOUS) bread, have a family (one day!), open a coffee shop, follow in my other grandfather’s footsteps and learn to weave.

TURN-OFFS: Arrogance.

TURN-ONS: Inspired people. Kindness. Patience. A little bit of wild. Rough around the edges.

DREAM GIG: Massey Hall would be surreal for me.

FAVORITE LYRIC: This changes. Currently it’s from a Bonnie Prince Billy tune called, ‘Hard Life’  in the chorus when he says, “It’s a hard life, God makes you live.” IT KILLS ME! I would say that overall, Bob Dylan is my favorite lyricist…I don’t care how overplayed that response may be.

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: I’m a gemini. So likely the other side of me..YIKES!

SONG I WISH I WROTE: Probably Joni Mitchell- Both Sides Now

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: My grandparents. They passed away some years ago now and almost every day I think of something I wish I could sit and talk to them about. They were incredibly talented people. My grandpa Ted was a master spinner and weaver. He had a studio in Haliburton, Ontario on their farm where he and my grandma Mimi would shear the sheep, dye the wool, spin it and then weave. They were the best at what they did. My grandpa traveled the world teaching. I wish I could learn from him. They both had such a zest for life. Their excitement was contagious. The meals they would cook were some of the best I’ve ever had. If I had the chance, I would put myself around their table again with my mom, dad and sister. We’d have so much catching up to do.

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: I saw Arcade Fire at Massey Hall a handful of years ago. It was epic.

I WROTE THIS SONG: To me, this song is about falling in love. Losing yourself in that love. Drifting further and further away from who you really are. Counting on this person for everything. Putting them on a pedestal (which we so often do), and then eventually coming to the realization that you were wrong. That this person isn’t everything you thought they were and you have to get out. You can’t do it anymore. Not for one more second. The emotions set in around this conclusion;  fear, anger, sadness, blame, the “what ifs”. In almost any breakup, you are plagued with indecision. You have so many varying feelings. The three sections of this song  ort of represent that. There is a haze around it. Even in the departure.

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