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Nava Hotel have a chip on their shoulder, but they wear it well. The Nashville rock outfit formed earlier this year and have since self-released 2 EPs.

They’re off to a reckless start with “Never Loved You,” a pounding, in-your-face ode to severing ties that’s as vulnerable as it is bitter and awesome. Break up songs aren’t supposed to go down easy. This one hits like a sweaty shot of bourbon.

ARTIST: Nava Hotel

SONG: Never Loved You



TURN-ONS: Nava Hotel

FAVORITE LYRIC: “Time to move one, Time to get going..” Tom Petty

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: There have been an awful lot of crazy people along the way it would not be fair to award just one with the title of “craziest” It’s a relative term anyway

SONG I WISH I WROTE: Somebody to Love – Queen | I want this song to be played at my funeral..or wedding it doesn’t matter. This song breaks my heart and it feels so good.

THIS SONG’S STORY: Like most of our songs this started as a simple riff that we jammed on. This was actually the first song we wrote with Chris [Plank] on bass. It’s about a girl that was very easy to love and very difficult to be with.


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