Daily Discovery: Raquel Castro Leans into the Rhythm of Life on “Serendipitous Maybe”

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

“I usually know within 10 seconds of hearing chords whether or not I’m inspired,” Raquel Castro tells American Songwriter.

The last time we checked in with Castro, she was fresh off the heels of winning an episode on NBC’s Songland, getting her song “Wrong Places” recorded by R&B favorite H.E.R. In the time since then, the 26-year-old songwriter and actress (you might recognize her as the daughter from Jersey Girl) has been busy expanding her catalog alongside a talented team of collaborators. And one morning during the pandemic, she got an idea from one of her friends and, like clockwork, within the first 10 seconds of hearing the chords, a song idea was brewing.

Not long after, Castro’s latest single, “Serendipitous Maybe,” was born.

“My good friend Zach (who helped me write the chords for ‘Wrong Places’) sent me this rough production idea he made on GarageBand. As soon as I listened to it, I instantly heard melodies and just went with it,” Castro explains. “Everything started flowing—I got the pre-hook first. Once I started to hear the ‘Oooo’ background vocals that are now in the hook, all of the harmonies started to flood into my brain—it felt very nostalgic to me.”

Vibing with the nostalgic hue, Castro took lyrical cues from one of her favorite movies: the 2001 rom-com, Serendipity. “I always related to the storyline,” she saya. “My mother always told me growing up: ‘You are where you’re supposed to be.’ So, when certain things happen in my life or I meet certain people, I truly believe it’s for a deeper reason or meaning. When I was writing this, I remember creating a world in my head and picturing myself in that film.”

A few months after getting the song written, Castro sent it to her go-to producers, The Wildcardz, who turned it into the uber-funky, sensual, and irresistibly inviting bop it is now. “I sent it to them and they instantly connected with it,” Castro says. “They were excited to produce it out and make it their own. They really captured the intention and energy that I was imagining when I first wrote the song. I love working with them because there is so much trust on both sides and we are all on the same page, both creatively and personally.”

With more music on the way, Castro is looking forward to continuing her artistic journey, on all fronts. “I am excited to share my thoughts and stories and feelings with other people who love music just as much as we do,” she says. “The Wildcardz and I have a few other songs we are working on together and we plan to release a mini EP before the holidays! I am also refocusing a lot of my energy on the acting side of my career as well as managing and developing young actors. I can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store!”

Raquel Castro’s new single “Serendipitous Maybe” is out now—watch the music video for it below:

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