Daily Discovery: Stella Peach, “Ah! So This Is How It Feels!”

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Describing her music as “part folk, part pop, part chamber music, part glitter, part beeswax, and only part human”, Stella Peach is proud to announce the October 28th release of her first full-length album, Wisdom Teeth.

ARTIST:  Stella Peach

BIRTHDATE: February 20 // Pisces all the way, baby 

HOMETOWN: Missoula, Montana 

CURRENT LOCATION: Oakland, California

AMBITIONS: To keep fighting and keep writing

TURN-OFFS: Devil’s advocates

TURN-ONS: Carnivorous plants

DREAM GIG: The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson

FAVORITE LYRIC: “Until the lion learns to speak / The tales of hunting will be weak” -K’naan

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: I’m not a huge fan of the word ‘crazy’, but the most eccentric and interesting person I know is one of my students, Myles, age 4, who can only learn violin if we both pretend to be robots during lessons

“Hot Knife” by Fiona Apple

Stevie Knicks, Arthur Russell, bell hooks, Meredith Monk, Rihanna

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Most recently: watching St. Vincent crowdsurf–she does it in 4″ heels while shredding, and she can do all these backflip/rollover moves–she’s like a femme power tornado touching down on the crowd every couple of beats

I WROTE THIS SONG: I think a lot about death as rebirth, about endings as beginnings, about how things seem dead in winter but are really just waiting. I feel a shift happening in the world right now, and I live in Oakland, CA, where there’s often the feeling in the air that revolution is just around the corner. The song form is like a palindrome, and it’s performed in loops–the end is always the just the beginning.

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