Daily Discovery: The Zolas, “Knot In My Heart”

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ARTIST: The Zolas

SONG: “Knot In My Heart

BIRTHDATE: Mid 2009, shortly after Chris Brown took Rihanna to the cleaners. We started a band to remind people of that.

BIRTHPLACE: Vancouver, Canada.

AMBITIONS: Tom: To spend as much time in a recording studio as possible. Zach: He’s maxed out already. Monarchstudios.tumblr.com is literally 10 yards from his bed.

TURN-OFFS: Dog-smell cars.

TURN-ONS: Zach: I’ve been puzzled to discover how hot I find girls who like eating gross food like fish eyeballs and bone marrow.

DREAM GIG: Opening for Beyonce at the 16th birthday of some oil Sultan’s daughter.

TV ADDICTIONS: Scrambling my IP address to access American netflix. “Louie” and “Arrested Development.”

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Meryl Streep circa any era.

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN SEXY: Zach: A chaotic ethnic background and a copy of The Money Store by Death Grips.

5 THINGS EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN: Tom: A good assortment of cardigans, enough tools to build something impulsively… Zach: Honestly, I don’t know if you need 5 things. A sense of purpose?

WORDS TO LIVE BY: It’s become a worldwide joke somehow but we think YOLO is actually pretty good.

I WROTE THIS SONG: Zach: A girlfriend and I had a job showing Japanese exchange students around our city. We broke up but still worked together and the chorus of this song is a direct quote from her.




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