Daily Discovery: Yarn, “Blue Skies, Brighter Times & Roses”

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ARTIST: Blake Christiana of Yarn

SONG: “Blue Skies, Brighter Times & Roses” from Leftovers Vol. 2


BIRTHPLACE: Schenectady, NY

AMBITIONS: To own a dog and a pick-up truck.

TURN-OFFS: Overbearing, self-absorbed, attention whoring d-bags. I don’t meet many, but when I do … I walk away.

TURN-ONS: Souther drawl, sweet disposition, long, tall, skinny, and blond.

DREAM GIG: Austin City Limits with Willie Nelson playing on the same bill, and we’d duet together, maybe even “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before.”

TV ADDICTIONS: Walking Dead, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: I’ve got me about as good a woman as anyone could find, so I’m having band crushes these days and right now it’s James Justin & Co. Great songs, great songwriting, great dudes. To be on the road with someone you respect makes a huge difference. Past band crushes have included (but not limited to) Sol Driven Train, Josh Grider Trio and Dangermuffin. They’re all in constant rotation. Once it happens, it’s there for life.

MY PREFERRED METHOD OF TRANSPORTATION: My dad gave me his old Lincoln Continental when I first moved to NYC. That was the most comfortable leather sofa I’ve ever slept on.

PETS: None, but hope to own a loyal mutt from the pound one day.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: “I spend all my money on booger sugar, blonds, and beer, and the rest I waste” some old timer told me that in the mountains of West Virginia. I thought it was worth repeating, not sure I’d live by it, but God bless you if you do.

I WROTE THIS SONG: in my apartment in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, feeling pretty sorry for myself. And I’ve never even been to Reno.



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