Deau Eyes Creatively Debuts “Parallel Time” Track, Video

Quarantined with a creative calling and once haunting memories, still living in the depths of an iPhone gallery could be a recipe for self-disaster.  But singer-songwriter Deau Eyes, also known as Ali Thibodeau, used those images paired with an acoustic guitar to break your heart in her latest single and video.  

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“‘Parallel Time’ has reached its full form in light of this global isolation we’re experiencing,” frontwoman and songwriter Ali Thibodeau told American Songwriter.  “We are universally living in this quiet time, parallel to one another, and we will have been on an equal playing field when it’s time to connect once again. I can’t say any of us have yet experienced that and I’m intrigued by its silver linings.”

“’Parallel Time’ is when you’re in love with someone in a different time zone and your lives are running parallel, ahead or behind one another,” said Thibodeau.  “It’s about love won and lost in a faraway place and bottling up that heightened feeling of togetherness in all the jet lag and ecstasy, building trust rapidly and savoring every moment for when that unique experience is out of your reach.”

The single is from Deau Eyes debut album Let It Leave, out in May on Egghunt Records, thanks to the overwhelming support of the songwriter’s fans on Kickstarter, who funded the project.   

The intimate song was recorded in Thibodeau’s bedroom with acoustic guitar played by Hayden Arp, the perfect accompaniment to let the exquisite vocals shine.  The most powerful component are the real images of sunlit cherry blossom trees, street walks and scenic coastal drives that Thibodeau pieces together to depict a timeline of love and loss- all told through the audible pain in her voice as she sings through a Facetime camera, with a flush un-painted face and tears streaming down her cheeks.

The singer-songwriter said she wrote the song after a rather surreal point in her life.  Looking back, she shares the same once unbearable images brough to life in the video, are now bringing her solace.  

“Revisiting old iPhone footage of my travels and adventures in love has been oddly comforting in these times where they were once too painful,” she said.  “To see the vision of this song fully fleshed out is a little reminder that the movie in my mind is a tool for catharsis and though things seem bleak, there is more adventure and chapters of pure elation to come.”

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