Do American Songwriter Readers Watch American Idol?

Time for some true confessions.

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So, as you are undoubtedly aware, American Idol just wrapped up its 8th season. We’re curious. Are you a closet fan? An unabashed supporter? A lapsed fan? Or are you an ardent hater of the TV show that will not die?

Tons of people are still talking about the show’s season finale and the fate of runner-up Adam Lambert, including Clay Aiken ( “I thought my ears would bleed”), and Kiss frontman  Gene Simmons, who feels Lambert has a voice unsuitable for “Louie Louie.” “He sounds much more convincing singing ballads and Broadway shows,” says Simmons. “His voice doesn’t seem to have a ‘rock quality.’ But, I’m sure he’s going to do just fine.”

We want to hear your opinions. Do you dig the show?  And if so, how does winner Kris Allen stack up against past winners like Taylor Hicks and Carrie Underwood? Don’t be shy.


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  1. This show could go on for another 20 seasons and they’d never find a better talent than they did with Kelly Clarkson the first time out.

    I’d actually put Kris toward the top of the group of 8 winners so far, because he’s so understated yet well-defined that I already know pretty well what his album will sound like. It’s all a matter of whether or not the songs are good.

  2. The finale was worth watching. Up till the end, Adam showed his inner star. He knows how to carry a show. He should be doing concerts in the future. By the way, Extra also showed Gene Simmons saying that Adam was fantastic and a powerful attractive man (to which Adam laughed). Well….gay or not, I’m glad he was able to show and share his talent to the world.

  3. I was pulling for Adam, but Kris is awesome!!! They will both be stars. Kris has a perfect “recording” voice and Adam has the stage presence of a MAJOR STAR. It’s a toss up really. I will be really anticipating Kris’ first CD and can’t wait to go to an Adam concert.

    I think Kris will go down as one of the most famous winners in AI. Move over Kelly Clarkson (even though I love her too).

    Clay Aiken has his own fame. Big mistake dissing another idol.

    No, I’m not a closeted AI fan. I’m a flaming idol fan! 🙂

  4. I’d watch that show for a solid year to get more face time with Adam. I’m a grandmother and I’m a huge fan! I haven’t felt this way about any celebrity since I had a tween’s crush on the Beatles. Thank you, Adam, for bring this old broad alive again!

    Let’s petition for a reality show staring Adam. We can follow him to auditions, see who he really has dinner with, and having something to do on Tuesday nights.

  5. Kelly Clarkson will always be the #1 idol in my eyes, even though she has really moved on and become bigger than Idol. My list would be: Kelly, Carrie, David C, Kris, Fantasia, Jordin, then the others… I was rooting for Kris this year because he also has that a vocalist-songwriter vibe similar to Kelly. Only time will tell, of course. I wish the best for both Kris and Adam, and hope they both have stellar careers.

  6. The finale was worth watching…My buddies Matt Cartsonis & Nathan McEuen were both in Steve Martin’s band, along with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band founder & Nathan’s father, John McEuen. The 2 Idols completely botched the vocals on the Dolly & Vince tune, but it was fun to watch the band.

  7. Funny you should mention Taylor Hicks, the year he won was the only time I ever watched that show. I was so impressed with his style that I looked online and found his music from before his time on the show. You should check the song Somehow on his Early Works CD. I’ve enjoyed following his career. His latest CD, The Distance has some great songs, my favorite being one called Maybe You Should that Taylor Hicks wrote with Mike Reid.

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