Kris Allen Turns to Adam Lambert For Songwriting Advice

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American Idol winner Kris Allen has turned to runner-up Adam Lambert for songwriting help, MTV News reveals.

Allen says of the dynamic duo’s relationship, “Adam will get a song, and he’ll be like, ‘Listen to this,’ and I’ll tell him what I think about it, whether I like it or not. And we were actually doing that last night. … He was listening to some things of mine. He had some good things to say, some critiques to say as well. We do that to each other. … We’re just trying to help each other out.”

Allen also spoke of the enormous pressures he’s under as the world awaits his debut album. “The time thing is crazy,” he says. “When you dream of making your first album, you don’t dream of making it on tour. … It’s nuts, but we’re finding the time to write, and writing is putting my stamp on [my album], so it’s happening,” he said. “To be honest, at first it was hard, because they stuck me in these co-writing sessions, and I was like, ‘I’ve never done this before.’ It was weird. I’d get in there, and I’d be like ‘I don’t know what to do. … I’m sorry.’ But I’ve gotten used to it, and it’s good to bounce ideas off each other, and so I’ve been writing a lot with other people, and writing some stuff on my own too.”

Allen says he’s hooked up with Fray guitarist Joe King and Claude Kelly, who’s written hits for Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, and Britney Spears, for his album, which is slated for a fall 2009 release. Allen also downplays the notion that “No Boundaries,” the song he sang upon winning this year’s competition, will make the record. “I doubt it’ll end up on there,” he quips. “But who knows? Maybe as a Wal-Mart bonus track or something. I love Wal-Mart.”


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