Easton Corbin Has An Infectious Groove With “Turn Up”

Easton Corbin is not a rear-view mirror kind of guy.  

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While 2020 marks the ten-year anniversary of his debut single “A Little More Country Than That” going to Number One, that’s already been celebrated.  Corbin recorded and released an acoustic version of the song and ran down memory lane a time or two for some press (including American Songwriter). He had his fun with it, but that’s over now. 

We’re moving on. 

Moving on to his new song “Turn Up” and in a lot of ways, a new beginning.  Now loose from his longtime record label Mercury Nashville, Corbin is free to do things how he wants these days. The ironic thing is, in a lot of ways, that means he’ll be doing things exactly as he always has.

One thing Easton has always had going for him is he’s always known exactly who he is. He’s a guy who loves traditional country music and he’s not afraid to show you. Damn the trends and what the cool kids are playing today. He’s gonna write it, he’s gonna sing it and if push comes to shove, that’s the hill he’s going to die on. 

Now don’t be misled, traditional country music doesn’t just mean a three-quarter time waltz with some peppered in pedal steel guitar. Those traditional boys know how to turn it up in ways the cookie cutter kids could never dream of, which is exactly what he does. 

Built upon a shoulder to shoulder, slide don’t step, sashay groove and pushed along by a kick drum coupled with Easton’s prodding, tempo laden vocals, “Turn Up” is as organic as it gets. By the time the chorus comes around it doesn’t matter if you want to be singing along or not because by then, you don’t have a choice. The groove has already infected you and without even realizing it you’ve already rolled the window down; your hand is in the air and you’re singing along at the top of your lungs.  

“I’m all about having a good time and this song really captures that,” laughs Corbin. “When we were writing it, I imagined how much I like to unplug from the world and hit the farm to let loose.

“While everyone’s still in quarantine, you’ve got to find the way to turn out the noise and ‘turn up’ for your own good time – even if that’s happening at home. I’m really looking forward to getting back on the road so I can ‘turn up’ with all the fans again.” 

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