Essential Robin Trower: 3 Deep Cuts Blues Rock Fans Should Know

Beloved British blues rock guitarist Robin Trower is known for many of his hits with Procol Harum and the Robin Trower Band. Songs like “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” and “Bridge Of Sighs” are essential must-listens in his discography. However, some fans may not know about his lesser-known tracks which are some of his best work, despite not being as popular. Let’s look at a few Robin Trower deep cuts!

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1. “Day Of The Eagle”

“Day of the Eagle” is just one of the incredible songs from Trower’s 1974 album, Bridge Of Sighs. Right from the get-go, the track hooks you in with its bluesy guitar and lively energy. It’s a great song to show someone who has never listened to Trower, as it shows off his guitar prowess perfectly.

2. “Too Rolling Stoned”

Another Bridge Of Sighs deep cut is “Too Rolling Stoned”. This track showcases Trower’s talented ability to blend soulful guitar work with a very recognizable blues-rock sound. It’s a slow burn with a groove that only Trower has really mastered. 

It’s rare to feel an artist’s emotion through their guitar-playing alone, and this track is a great example of Trower’s storytelling ability without saying a word.

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3. “The Fool And Me”

Things get more psychedelic with “The Fool And Me”, and it’s yet another example of Trower’s versatility as a musician. This Robin Trower deep cut showcases one of many killer guitar solos from Trower, and its opening chords are absolutely hypnotizing. It’s one of those songs that hook you immediately and one that might have turned old heads into diehard fans the first time they heard it.

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