3 of Miranda Lambert’s Most Vengeful Songs

There’s no country artist quite like Miranda Lambert. She’s the queen of country breakup songs, and she’s cornered that market for about two decades. While this isn’t a comprehensive list of Lambert’s best relationship revenge songs (let’s be real, there are far too many to choose from!), these three are some of her very best. If you need to bulk up that breakup playlist, add these three vengeful Miranda Lambert tracks to the mix.

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1. “Gunpowder & Lead”

The classic has been screamed in karaoke bars across the nation since its release in 2007. It’s really the perfect breakup song on the perfect breakup album, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s one of many iconic Miranda Lambert anthems that serves as an ode to Lambert’s resilience in the face of brutal betrayal. The rhythm is catchy and the vocals are searing hot. “He ain’t seen me crazy yet” is just one lyric among many that make this the perfect vengeful song.

2. “Kerosene”

“Kerosene” is one of Lambert’s most popular hits from her 2005 album of the same name. The music video is pretty iconic, too. It’s an aptly named fiery track that refuses to be extinguished. With its crackling vocals from Lambert, in-depth storytelling about betrayal and heartache, and raw emotion, this vengeful track is worthy of its popularity.

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3. “White Liar”

This clever track spins a tale of deception and infidelity. It’s not only a great revenge song but an excellent example of how well Miranda Lambert can weave vengeful storytelling into her music. The track is twangier and more infectious than her angrier revenge tracks, but it still packs a punch in terms of wit. It’s definitely a track worthy of that breakup playlist.

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