Watch Clay Walker and Cody Johnson’s Awesome Reaction to Randy Travis’ New Single “Where That Came From”

Randy Travis released his first new song “Where That Came From” today (May 3). Using AI and old vocal tracks, Travis’ longtime producer Kyle Lehning was able to recreate his iconic voice for the new track. Fans everywhere have been excited to hear the country legend sing once more. Additionally, videos show that hearing his voice on a new track floored some of his fellow country stars. Both Cody Johnson and Clay Walker shared their reactions on social media.

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CoJo took to social media on Monday (April 29) to share his reaction. In the video, the song’s instrumental intro plays in place of the clip’s original audio as Johnson listens to the track. One doesn’t have to hear what’s going on to know when Travis’ vocals come in. Johnson sits up straight, looks wide-eyed at the camera operator, and adjusts his hat. It’s clear that he’s shocked. You probably could have knocked him out of his seat with a feather.

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“This is incredible. Y’all ain’t ready,” he wrote in the post.

Clay Walker definitely wasn’t ready. He shared a video earlier this week showing his reaction to the new single. In the clip, he’s sitting in a room with Travis as the song plays. Hearing his old friend sing again clearly touched a nerve. He looks at Travis grinning a couple of times before laughing and having to fight back tears. In short, Walker embodied many fans’ reactions upon hearing “Where That Came From” this morning.

Randy Travis on “Where That Came From”

Randy Travis celebrated the release of “Where That Came From” this morning on social media. “Eleven years ago, I never thought I would be able to have a hand in music production of any kind but by God’s grace, the support of family, friends, fellow artists, and fans, I’m able to create the music I so dearly love,” he wrote in the post. “Working with Kyle Lehning and Warner Music Nashville again has been so special and nostalgic, and I’m so excited to share my new song,” he added.

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Travis concluded the post with gratitude. “Many thanks to my wonderful team and the best fans in the world for putting me back in the saddle again,” he wrote. “I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.”

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