GRAE Talks “Ex Lovers” Ahead Of New EP

Serial daters- sometimes people can be quick to pass judgment or make snide comments about them, but never pause to think about why they might be doing it.  For alt-pop songster GRAE, she wanted to forget an ex, but it was to no avail, so she wrote a song about the experience, aptly titled “Ex Lovers.”

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This song is about dating people to get over someone else, and in my experience that never works because you’ll always be thinking about that other person and comparing the new person to them,” GRAE told American Songwriter. “I think after a breakup it’s important to spend time with yourself first, so you’re not putting your time and energy trying to get back at an ex who may have done you wrong.” 

GRAE’s wise words on the topic were somewhat due her entanglement in a rather awkward situation, an experience that also inspired the song. GRAE was involved with one person during this time who she imagined was feeling the same way she was about their whole interaction, which was not at all jiving. Still, they both remained stagnant in the arrangement, which lead her to believe perhaps he was in the same boat and mustering up the courage to get back in the game and get over an ex lover as well. They eventually called it quits and never saw one another again. 

The alt-pop tune does everything to accentuate her individualism and power as such, even down to her solo appearance in her DIY video.  The song plays on ideas of empowerment with arching melodies and opening lyrics: “you’re here with me/but I can see her in the corner of your eye/ that’s fine with me/ I came here to forget the one that’s on my mind’, which in turn asserts control and awareness over such a situation for the betterment of oneself in the long run.

GRAE’s self-directed video supplements the same sentiments, as she is shown alone, dancing around in her light-filled room.  She played with filters, graphics and other tactful imagery to diversify the shots. 

Counter to the DIY video, the song was recorded in a studio setting with Derek Hoffman and Seth Meyer in Toronto. 

“Whenever I go into sessions, I almost always come in with the topic of what I’d like to write about that day and the process is really natural, we never force anything,” GRAE explained. “If we have an idea, we vibe with then we continue forward, and this just so happened to be one of those days! Derek is absolutely amazing and I love working with him, he always knows exactly where to go with instrumentals and anytime he starts creating something I always get excited! it’s never a dull moment.” 

Fresh off creative train, GRAE shares she is always laying out milestones for her artist roadway. One of which includes a new EP slated for August 26, which will feature the new single, out today and prior release “Slow Down”, the counterpart to “Ex Lovers”, about experiencing fast growing emotions for a stranger. And with each song GRAE explains it’s rarely about money or winning a popularity contest. 

I’m highly ambitious and constantly setting goals for myself, those goals are mostly to always top and out-do what I’ve done before,” she said. “I like learning, growing and teaching myself to become a better musician. My motive with music has never been money or popularity. I do it because I love it. I always hope when I release a song it reaches people and makes them feel something!” 

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