Exclusive: Julian Lennon Releases “Raw, Pulsing” Lo-Fi Version of 2022 Single “Every Litle Moment”

In 2022, Julian Lennon released his seventh solo album, Jude, the title a nod to the Beatles‘ 1968 hit “Hey Jude,” which Paul McCartney penned for him. Lennon presented Jude with two singles, “Freedom” and “Every Little Moment,” timely songs that American Songwriter described as “emotional aid in a difficult global time, as much as they give assistance to those experiencing difficult personal times internally.”

Jude was threaded by unearthed recordings from more than 30 years earlier that Lennon found in a basement, including “Every Little Moment,” which he started to revive. “The incredible thing,” Lennon said, “was that most of the stuff was in great condition. It was a miracle. So, with songs like ‘Every Little Moment,’ that track was intact. It was unbelievable.”

“Every Little Moment,” which was co-written with Mark Spiro, was released months after the onset of the war in Ukraine on April 8, Lennon’s 59th birthday, and was a song he felt compelled to once again with the unwavering wars that continue to spread.

“’Every Little Moment,’ is a song I wrote many years ago and is finally, just now, being released,” Lennon shared when he released the original version and its video. “The lyrical narrative not only confronts the wars within, but the ongoing battles we face on the outside.”

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“Every Little Moment” Cover Art

The accompanying video Lennon said “represents a more hopeful vision for the future. It celebrates a time of peace where someday the weapons of war will be replaced with seeds of love.”

With every little moment / Every little rain drop / Every little sun spot / Can’t you see the war is over sings Lennon through the conciliatory lyrics, Let go of your rifle, let go of your mind / And think with the vision of / Peace in our time.

“Due to the lyrical themes—of us confronting the wars within, as well as those outside—it made sense to share the original song, which was indeed years in the making as the first release from my most recent album, ‘Jude,'” Lennon tells American Songwriter, “as the timing coincided with the beginning of Russia’s war on Ukraine.”

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On the lower-fi version of “Every Little Moment,” Lennon adds, “The lo-fi version, out now, is an extension of that sentiment, stripped back to reveal a raw, pulsing heartbeat of life as additional conflicts challenge our peace.” 

Photo: Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for Torch

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