Fridayy Releases New Single “When It Comes To You,” Speaks on Upcoming Album

Philadelphia singer Fridayy could not have asked for a better introduction to the world than the year 2022. Thanks to his mesmerizing, soulful harmonies, he caught the eye of DJ Khaled, who enlisted his help for the title track of his star-studded August studio album God Did. What made this even sweeter, though, was that Fridayy’s elegant hook on the song would be sandwiched by impressive verses from hip-hop icons like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z.

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In fact, months after the song’s success, it was revealed that Khaled and his team momentarily considered removing Fridayy from the song, but Jay-Z would not allow it. This would lead to Fridayy joining everyone involved in the song on stage at the Grammys for a stunning performance, giving him a glimpse of what a true spotlight feels like.

After “God Did,” Fridayy would only continue to elevate, especially in the month of October. Along with being featured on Lil Baby’s third solo album It’s Only Me for the song “Forever,” he would also put out his debut EP Lost In Melody, consisting of seven tracks before its eventual deluxe added five more. With hits like “God Sent (feat. Vory)” and “Don’t Give Up On Me,” the project solidified Fridayy’s status as a rising voice in both R&B and hip-hop spheres, thanks to his rich melodies and hooks with choirs and layered vocals.

Continuously rising through the ranks, Fridayy would find himself nominated for the 2023 rendition of XXL‘s annual, highly-anticipated Freshmen list. Joined by promising up-and-comers like GloRilla, Central Cee, and Luh Tyler, Fridayy brought a more R&B, gospel-inspired sound to a crop of acts mostly involved with rap.

Throughout this entire summer, XXL has showcased all of these artists with their patented solo freestyle and cypher segments, where their lyrical abilities are put to the test. For Fridayy, however, he decided to stay true to himself, welcoming a choir to join him for his freestyle and crooning throughout most of his cypher verse.

Two days after the cypher video came out, Fridayy would release “When It Comes To You” on July 21, his second single of 2023 following up “Don’t Give It Away” with Chris Brown in June, who he referred to as the “greatest R&B artist.”

On “When It Comes To You,” an anthem for romance that Fridayy says gives him a “wedding” vibe, everything about the singer’s appeal is put on full display and brought together in perfect harmony, literally and figuratively. Saying that he “feels like it shows everything that I am,” the song serves as the latest promotional single for his upcoming debut studio album, yet to be given a track list, title, or release date.

For the LP, which will likely contain around 13-14 songs, Fridayy knows that it can be another career-elevating moment for him, and wants make sure he has everyone’s undivided attention.

“N****s don’t be listening to albums anymore,” he said. “They’re gonna have to listen to this one. There’s something in there for everybody.”

But, for now, he wants to take things one step at a time, especially when he is dropping such impressive, all-encompassing album teasers like “When It Comes To You.” This week, we got to catch up with the man himself in what looks to be another monumental year for him.

In our conversation below, Fridayy speaks about his recent XXL feature, the process of crafting his debut album, “When It Comes To You,” and much more.

American Songwriter: The XXL cypher came out Wednesday and your solo freestyle dropped last month. What was the inspiration behind involving the choir for your solo freestyle? What would you say your brand as an artist does for XXL and the hip-hop landscape?

Fridayy: “I wanted to bring my own sound to XXL, and do something nobody’s ever done before. I know that’s why they picked me, to add a different element to the list of people. So that’s why I brought the choir, just to bring my music, my style to XXL.

“It gives it a broader appeal. It didn’t even start with me. Before me they had Ty Dolla $ign and Rod Wave. I always knew there were people with melodies that could make the list that affect hip-hop in a way. But, I feel like my sound is broader. It goes to gospel. It goes to R&B. Anybody can listen to it. I feel like (my inclusion) gives even more singers more opportunity to be on that list.”

AS: If you look back over the last year, XXL is just one of a few huge cosigns you’ve gotten already. I feel like the DJ Khaled and Jay-Z song really gave you a boost going into your debut EP. What do you think this XXL feature will do for you going into your debut album?

F: “For a lot of people that didn’t know me or didn’t see me, it opened me up to a new audience. XXL is a different audience, it has a different group of people that are paying attention to it. It introduced me to a new audience.”

AS: With that being said, I think it’s perfect timing that you dropped ‘When It Comes to You’ today. I think it does a great way of sounding fresh but also encapsulating what your sound has been up to this point. Why did you feel this was the right song to be a single for the album?

F: “I feel like it shows everything that I am, melody-wise and lyrics. It’s a love song but it’s showing off all my abilities. On the second verse I’m rapping, on the hook there’s so many harmonies. It just show everything that I am in one song. It’s definitely a great song that the world needs right now. Some R&B that uplifts a woman.

“As soon as I heard the guitar loop, I was like, ‘This is just like a wedding.’ It’s my version of a wedding song. I just followed the guitar loop with a melody and I just started writing to it. But as soon as I heard the guitar loop I knew.”

AS: How much would you say you’re involved with the production of the songs that are going to be on the album?

F: “I’m deeply involved. Everything starts with me. My first project, I produced most of it, like 80%. And I wrote all of it. This project, I got connected to these two writers and we just made this project in like, three weeks. I know how everything needs to sound, so everything starts with me. I’ll go on the piano and make a melody. And tell the producer, ‘I want it like this. Make it like this.’ Then, that’s when everyone comes together.”

AS: You always seem to make a point to have a choir or layered vocals for the climax of your hooks. Do you like feel that that’s like a trademark of yours? What inspired that?

F: “Growing up in church. That’s just how it was. You needed background (vocals), you needed three-part harmonies. It’s hard for me to make a song without adding that. When people listen to it, I feel the effect it has on them. When the choir comes in or the three part harmonies, it doesn’t matter who it is, it could be the most street rapper, it could be someone who listens to (Lil) Uzi Vert, as soon as they hear my choir or harmonies come in, it touches everybody.”

AS: Since this is going to be your debut studio album, what stage of your career do you think it represents? Would you call it the beginning?

F: “Still the beginning. To me, it’s the ‘I’m here’ stage. I feel like ‘God Did’ was the beginning, everybody knew my name, everybody heard of me. Then the Lil Baby song did No. 8 on Billboard. Then everybody really knew my name. Throughout the year, people have been seeing me in the videos, watching me perform at the Grammys, XXL. I feel like most of the people that pay attention to hip-hop or R&B either saw me or know me. So I feel like this album is, ‘I’m here.’ My last project was the introduction. All my fans that listened to that, they already knew. This album right here, it’s a statement. I’m here.”

AS: What was something that was really on your mind that you wanted to accomplish with this album?

F: “I just want to make good music. Something that I was thinking was that I kept trying to make music that connected to my last project. Say I made a song that was everybody’s favorite song on my last project. I’d be like, ‘I need a part two on this.’ So when I was creating by myself it was really hard, because I kept thinking, ‘I gotta make something like this.’

“So, and I told you, when I met these two writers, it was over. Because I’m a musician, I can make a complete song in five minutes. The only thing I need is extra words. Once I got my first time writing with a writer, it was over, because they just give me more ideas.”

AS: What is the difference between being a writer for a different artist and writing a song with writers helping you for your own music?

F: “There’s no difference. When I was writing for other people, it was just me. When I’m collaborating, it’s led by me. The only difference is I’ll finish a song now and then the writers will be like, ‘Hey let’s do this.’ It’s just extra help.”

AS: Going back to last year, being able to work with huge names like Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, do you think you gave yourself the chance to pat yourself on the back and reflect on your achievements?

F: “I haven’t sat back yet. I’d probably need to give myself a two week break. Everything happened so fast, because right after ‘God Did,’ Lil Baby came. That was an even bigger song, it went No. 8. So it was all back to back to back. I really didn’t even have a chance to sit down for a week.”

AS: Do you think there’s an underlying reason for that other than being busy?

F: “Yes it’s because I’ve been busy, but also, we’re not just going to keep talking about ‘God Did.’ Gotta be onto the next. What else did you do? What have you done recently?”

AS: You’ve been able to work with some high profile rappers that are hot right now, whether it be Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo, or Meek Mill. It seems like you’re getting into a position where you’re one of the first names people think of when they want a hook for a song. Is that a position you want to be in?

F: “For sure. I looked up to Ty Dolla ($ign). They would call him up and I’d be like, ‘Damn, that’s how I want to be.’”

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