JELEEL! Links with Armani White for “GNARLY!” Ahead of Debut Album

At midnight ET on Friday (March 10), the walking paradox JELEEL! delivered another promotional single for his upcoming debut studio album.

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“GNARLY!” featuring Armani White is another cause for confusion and excitement for fans of JELEEL! The brolic build and abrasive, raucous demeanor of the 27-year-old typically leads folks to believe that his music will reflect this first impression. However, with a fun-loving and melodic approach, each new lighthearted JELEEL! bop excites for his impending LP REAL RAW!

Yet to be given a release date or official track list, REAL RAW! surely intends to display the catchy songwriting and captivating high-pitched rapping voice JELEEL! possesses. Ahead of “GNARLY!” prior singles like January’s “RIDE THE WAVE!” and November’s “SHOTS!” mixed hard-hitting, electric guitar loops with youthful shouts to create unique, intriguing bops.

Connecting with fellow viral sensation Armani White, best known for his May 2022 single “BILLIE EILISH,” JELEEL! provides a more composed vibe than his aforementioned recent releases. Over a rather boom-bappy instrumental that mixes in chimes, subtle drums, and imposing claps, the duo both establish rhythmic flows, evident on JELEEL!’s hook he recites four times: Oh my God, girl, I’m so gnarly / Rip my shirt straight off my body / Angels with me, I feel like Charlie / Big flex, then I walk in the party.

Interpolating the now world-famous opening line for “BILLIE EILISH.,” White’s singular verse of “Gnarly!” reminds listeners of his captivating introduction to mainstream hip-hop. Bitch, I’m stylish /
Lift T-Shirt, get behind, bitch
he begins, White’s contribution to the track matches perfectly with the tone JELEEL! sets.

“’GNARLY!’ is one of those ones that just came together effortlessly,” JELEEL! said in a statement. “After the session, I ran into Armani White at a party and ended up showing him the song, and just a day or two after that he sent his verse and we turned it in. I’m excited for people to hear it as I haven’t really shown my rap flow as much and it’s definitely a side of me that people are going to hear a lot more of.”

Perhaps including more flows like this on the forthcoming album as he alludes above, REAL RAW! looks to be a thrilling formal introduction for JELEEL!. Years removed from breakout hits like “DIVE IN!” and “Jeleel Juice!”, “GNARLY!” displays the artistic development necessary for JELEEL! to succeed in future endeavors.

Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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