3 Books Every George Harrison Fan Should Read

Known for his gifts as a guitar player and songwriter, along with his shy demeanor, George Harrison became a household name as one-fourth of The Beatles.

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As the band matured from the sugary-sweet love songs to a more experimental sound, Harrison leaned into the emerging folk scene of the 1960s. His increasing interest in spirituality coincided with the growing Hare Krishna movement, which spilled over into his music.

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After The Beatles parted ways in 1970, he recorded the celebrated triple album All Things Must Pass, which served as the catalyst for a long-lasting solo career. In 2001, Harrison died from lung cancer at 58, but his creative works continue to inspire and connect with music lovers of all ages.

Here are three George Harrison books that help tell the story of his incredible life and career:

1. George Harrison: Living In the Material World

George Harrison Living In the Material World (2011)

This 2011 book was released as a companion piece to a documentary film of the same name, co-produced by Martin Scorsese, Nigel Sinclair, and Harrison’s widow, Olivia.

Following the same themes of the celebrated film, George Harrison: Living In the Material World offers private photos, diary entries, and other intimate mementos from the late singer/songwriter’s incredible life.

Along with his life story, readers are offered thoughtful and revealing conversations with a range of famous collaborators and friends, including Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Eric Clapton.

2. I Me Mine

I Me Mine (2017)

Although Harrison never wrote a memoir of his own, this captivating collection of works and first-hand reflections is an essential read.

Initially released in 1980 and updated in 2017, I Me Mine offers stories from his life before The Beatles, along with handwritten lyrics and commentary from “the Fifth Beatle,” Derek Taylor, and Harrison’s widow, Olivia.

3. George Harrison: Behind the Locked Door

George Harrison Behind the Locked Door (2015)

Released in 2015, this intriguing read from author and music journalist Graeme Thomson paints a well-rounded portrait of who Harrison really was outside of his fame.

George Harrison: Behind the Locked Door pulls from a trove of interviews with those who knew the singer/songwriter best. Readers get insight into the temptations and challenges that Harrison faced as he navigated fame and searched for meaning outside of music.

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