Guy Clark Lyric Contest

Guy Clark Lyric Contest

SPECIAL OFFER: From August 4-14, submit to the Guy Clark Lyric Contest for 1/2 price. For this special promotion period, entries cost $17.50.

Visit to enter the Guy Clark Lyric Contest for a chance to win a trip to Nashville, hotel accomodations and a co-writing session with the legendary Guy Clark. The winner will be selected by various sponsors and judges within the music industry. Two second place winners will be selected to receive free tickets to an upcoming Guy Clark show of their choice and get to meet Guy backstage (no travel costs are covered). The $35.00 entry fee includes a copy of the Guy Clark album entitled Somedays The Songs Write You. The Contest ends on September 15th and winners will be notified on the release date of Somedays the Song Writes You, September 22nd.


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  1. Just as with Alan Z. above, I keep getting bounced out of the forms after submitting complete info and lyrics. Please advise as to how to successfully continue.

  2. ” Im Going Back To San Antone”

    504 Breezewood Dr
    immokalee , Fl 34142

    I’m gonna pack my bags and tomorrow I’ll head home .

    There’s a lonely girl who’s waiting for me in San Antone .

    Well , I went out a searching for something I tho’t best .

    All I found was fool’s gold .

    Now my heart can not rest . Some times a man grows weary

    While traveling all alone , but I know a better life awaits me back

    home in San Antone .

    Oh , why did I wander ? What made me want to roam ? I’m gonna pack my bags and

    Head for San Antone . I hope that girl’s waiting . I hope she still cares .

    No more will I roam when I get to San Antone . Tomorrow I’ll head home ,

    Back to San Antone , my home ……………

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