Halsey Reveals They Would Want ‘Stranger Things’ Actress Millie Bobby Brown to Play Them in a Biopic

Halsey joined host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to talk about their newest tour and newfound make-up line, About-Face. In between a trivia game and a fair few anecdotes, Fallon asked the singer who they would want to play them in a biopic. A question to which she already had an answer locked and loaded.

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“I know the answer,” Halsey said immediately as Fallon brought out a picture of Halsey dressed as the character Eleven in Stranger Things, played by Millie Bobby Brown. Baring a striking resemblance to the young actress, Fallon suggested Brown should play them in a movie version of their life.

The singer then joked that they weren’t “famous enough” to cast Brown and then suggested Fallon himself would maybe be more fit for the role.

“I mean, yeah, Millie would be great,” Halsey confirmed. “But I don’t really think I’m famous enough to cast Millie. You’ll do it right?” They then added, “It’s kind of uncanny how much we look alike. It’s like, ‘Oh no, we actually just look like sisters.'”

Watch the full interview below.

Although the casting was a hypothetical, a Halsey biopic was thrown around in early 2017 by current partner and screenwriter Alev Aydin before the couple started dating.

The film was going to be a sort of Eminem 8-mile style production with considerably “less spaghetti.” Though the film fell through, Halsey and Aydin realized how much they “had in common” and sparked a romantic relationship.

Aydin also directed their music video for their newest single, which also happens to chronicle their love story, “So Good.” He also stars in the video alongside the singer as they watch nostalgic videos of their relationship side by side. Watch it below.

Is Millie Bobby Brown the right actress to play Halsey in a biopic? Comment below with your thoughts.

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