HARLOE Releases Exclusive Teaser Video For New “Crush On You” Project

On Friday, Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer HARLOE will be releasing her new music video for “Crush On You (Latroit & Pretty Garter Remix),” which is a stunning example of the creativity that can develop during quarantine.

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HARLOE drove out to Lancaster Poppy Reserve in California and let her artistry soar as she scouted location shots, prepared a prop list, explored different camera angles, and incorporated choreography to encompass an ethereal and summer oasis. The video was shot entirely on an iPhone mounted to a tripod, for good measure.

HARLOE said that the process started early in the morning on Earth Day and just kept going.

“I had never imagined myself doing anything like it or stepping into that new territory of filming myself but with quarantine and social distancing on us, I was really excited to try something different,” she said. “I got really inspired by all of the amazing female artists that put out some really innovative and creative DIY content like Charli XCX and Kim Petras.

“The night before filming, I tried to channel the feeling of what it was like to work with an organized team creating the videos I’ve put out before- setting up a shot list, a prop list, a time sheet- all of the things that could keep me more on track for once I got to the location! I spent hours in those fields with my iPhone mounted to a tripod while dancing around, playing with the angles, finding cool locations and just hitting record to see what would come. All those pieces put together make up the video and I’m really excited for you to get an even more up close and personal lens for this video, this time around!”

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