HEIR Releases Simple But Sexy Video for “My Love”


Matching the sultry lyrics from “My Love” comes an equally steamy video from HEIR.

The Russian-born, Italy-raised singer-songwriter has released the video for her single that focused in on the central idea of passion, and jealousy.

She told American Songwriter that the tone of the video was intentional as she wanted to take viewers through a journey and mental transformation.

“In the video for ‘My Love’ I wanted it to be as simple as the song,” she said. “The concept is I’ve committed a crime out of jealousy and I’ve been locked in a questioning room where they’re basically keeping me for hours and hours to make me go crazy. I go through different emotions, from being seductive to emotional to having a breakdown. It was so fun to shoot.

“For the first time I wasn’t worried about any type of outfit drama, and opted for a tank top and a pair of jeans. I felt like myself. I wanted this to express what a crazy feeling jealousy is. We’ve all been there. You almost start falling in love with the person you’re jealous of, with the girl that’s with the man you love, it becomes an obsession.”

Born Patricia Manfield, HEIR chose the name as a tribute to her parents who were both musicians and helped fuel her love for the medium. She grew up touring the world with her parents who played piano, flute, guitar, mandolin, and drums for different orchestras before turning to modeling in campaigns for FENDI, Dior, and Versace.

Her debut single, “Threads” was released in 2018 and set the pace for her current style of intimate pop.

“My Love” opens with a simplicity and then turns itself into a sexy admission of longing.

“This girl is almost overwhelmed by the desire to be with a guy and she’s trying to seduce him far away from his current girlfriend, who so happens to not be treating him right,” HEIR said. “I can definitely relate to it; we’ve all been there. It’s a “that boy is mine” situation. I can relate both to the obsession and wanting to protect somebody you love at the same time.”

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