Honorable Mention | “Free and Clean”

Joe Virga
Fort Myers, Florida

Videos by American Songwriter

Tell me something I don’t know
My wife left me some years ago
Heroin took it’s toll
And wiped out all my dreams
I believe in destiny
But not the one that waits for me
My only hope is that i’ll be
Free and clean
What if god was a junkie to
who got his kicks from me and you
what would all the churches do
If they realized he was High
Would it burst their baloon
would they all just change their tune
I don’t believe that will happen soon
no time in my life
Free and clean
If there’s a god please make me
Free and clean
So often you will hear them say
Don’t put that rehab near my place
This is where my children play
And we don’t want it here
It’s cold as hell on this city stoop
With the street urchins
And the prostitutes
The shelter serves primordial soup
And wishes that I die
Rich man steps from his limousine
Soliciting an old drag queen
Before he pours the gasoline
He asks me for a light
Free and clean
Free and Clean
If only all our streets were
Free and clean

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