Honorable Mention | “Northwoods”

Denis LaRoche
Santa Ana, California

Videos by American Songwriter

Walking down by the river no direction in mind
I’m a missing person that I don’t want to find
Playing the rambling man with holes in my jeans
Trying to make it work on the streets of New Orleans

So I’m heading back to the Northwoods
Where the sun never sets
To find myself a life,
A life without regrets
Yes, I’m heading back to the Northwoods,
For a life without regrets

I was a bit player at the pub down by the bay
Not letting the night die with demons at play
Strangers hold court with hollow faces that stare
Zombies like to drink in the hot sultry air

Walked out of the world, gave my life the slip
Hiding behind a shield of lies, in a comic strip
Real world is messy can’t live by faith alone
No clean thoughts when the ghosts are at home

It’s easy to lose yourself when no one is looking
A glimpse in a storefront reveals how shocking
The simple pleasures that seem so surreal
I hope it’s not to late for a rambling man to heal


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