JUJ Discusses New Single “How Could I Be Mad”

Some people will argue the most powerful songs are those with the most unique or stringent ideas with experimental, precocious music. But music history will show you that the best songs and ones that make lasting impressions are those that can be digested in many different ways. LA by-way-of Philadelphia, pop singer-songwriter JUJ has a model example of such a song with “How Could I Be Mad?” her first upbeat track in a line of others to follow.

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“I wrote ‘How Could I Be Mad?’ in Sweden four months ago,” JUJ told American Songwriter. “I’m super excited as this is the first of three up-tempos I’m about to be releasing. This one isn’t as up-tempo as the rest I have coming out but is definitely much more up-tempo and different than what I’ve released before. ‘How Could I Be Mad?’ is about not letting the bad in life outweigh the good and not allowing toxic people to bring you down. In my situation, it was giving too much to the wrong people and being taken advantage of for it. This song can be interpreted in many different ways, in my case it was a friendship, but the song could be totally relatable for someone leaving a toxic relationship in the past.”

“How Could I Be Mad?” makes its designation from pop-inspired styles with pulses of hip-hop and R&B.  Electronic elements surround and embed every accented syllable in her vocals. And JUJ’s syncopated lyrics are a mainstay of the tune, that work to spotlight the pop style.  Even though the song is one of the artist’s first upbeat singles, you wouldn’t know it, as the songwriting and structure are flawless and seems like JUJ has been writing such material for years. 

At the fresh age of 19, JUJ has already made leaps and bounds as an artist.  As a high school dropout and leaving her hometown two years ago to move to the city of angels, she has accomplished more in two years than many artists in more.  Her perseverance and momentum as a musician are rooted in her ability to overcome individual obstacles.  Shortly after moving to LA, the singer-songwriter began battling Lyme disease, which became an unforeseen setback in her career, forcing her to move back home, but only temporarily.  The second she was in good health; she made her return to LA to continue forging her pop career.   In addition to the new single JUJ has released her debut EP, produced by Essancy Music Group, featuring songs like “Black Mirrors,” a track highlighted by vocal anthems and victorious personality and “Hollywood”, an intimate ballad detailing JUJ’s fight with Lyme disease and perpetuated disappointment with her LA experience.   

Upon the release of her latest single and debut album, JUJ’s only real goal is to share every side of her story in hopes it may bring empowerment to people. While acting as a source of fear-calming, encouragement, JUJ wishes for everyone to chase whatever dreams they have, because if she can make a name for herself in the concrete jungle of LA, anyone can.

You can catch the new single on all major digital platforms today, including Spotify, as well as her previously released debut album.

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