Sophie Coran’s Enchanting Single “I Could Be Your” Dramatically Debuts

Sophie Coran’s latest single “I Could Be Your,” the fifth single from her upcoming project, is perhaps everything we’ve ever wanted in a song. True to her self-declared genre, Noir & B (“a hybrid of jazz, hip-hop and soul with a sense of nostalgia”), Coran’s harmonies possess addictive qualities as she spins a story that we all know a little too well.

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“I had an experience with unrequited love and as this particular friendship was unfolding, I just had this gut feeling that things wouldn’t work out,” Coran explained. “I wanted to focus on that moment of realizing I’d do anything for the other person, while also exaggerating it with a narrator who is extremely unhinged. At the beginning of new relationships, I tend to get deeply attached, diving straight into the deep end.”

And as listeners, we plunge right into the deep end along with Coran. The song’s bridge marches up to the chorus accompanied with live strings and repeating vocals, then falls away to shine a light on the captivating narrative at the heart of the song. “I’d always wanted to experiment with vocal samples so we ended up taking live vocals and chopping them up for a glitchy effect. We wanted to create all these dramatic and intense musical elements,” Coran said.

The song itself was engineered and produced by Michael Cumming, and features the work of Coran’s full band (Logan Roth on keys, Arjun Dube on drums, Mike Morrongiello on bass) with the live strings arranged by Coran herself. “I wrote and recorded ‘I Could Be Your’ in Philly after returning from a trip where I had the chorus melody stuck in my head,” Coran said. “Logan helped me develop the song, coming up with the idea for the groove, and then I brought it to the band where we finalized the arrangement. The basis of the track came together in one session at Rittenhouse Soundworks.”

Ultimately, “I Could Be Your” will leave you enchanted. The Philadelphia-based artist expertly plays on aspects of the human condition to weave together sounds that are vaguely familiar but unique. And with leaning into her inspirations of Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey and Nick Hakim, Coran crafts a relatable vulnerability and an irresistible sound.

Listen to “I Could Be Your” by Sophie Coran below.

Photo Credit: Rachel Del Sordo

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