Ida Maria Strips Down

If you haven’t heard Norwegian upstart Ida Maria yet, today might be a good time to do so.

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The Scandinavian songwriter has been melting hearts and satisfying minds since her debut, Fortress Round My Heart, dropped in 2008 (it’s just been released in the States this month). The songs are adrenalized blasts of punk rock glory, featuring Maria’s elegantly wasted voice and overseas way with words. But they also shine in an unplugged environment. Check out the two songs Maria performs on acoustic guitar for Rolling — “I Like You Better When Your Naked” and “Keep Me Warm.”

You won’t be disappointed. She’s quite the catch.

“I hoped that song was going to be for the alternative kids while I wrote it,” Maria has said of “Naked” . “I wanted to see how catchy I could make all the songs. I hadn’t really grown up on anything but rock music, so I tried to see if I could do that.” About the song’s unusual lyric, Ida says: “It’s very much a shout-out to all those who objectify women. I wanted to turn it around and make the male body an object. I think I succeeded and I’m very happy about this.”

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