Caroline Kole May Be ‘A Bad Actress’ But Her Collection Shows She Is Good At A Lot More

At only 22 years old, Nashville resident Caroline Kole is something of a seasoned pro in the music biz despite her youth. 

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“My career has taken many turns,” she tells American Songwriter. “Long story short, I started out as a country artist! I began writing and performing songs when I was 8 years old and ultimately toured internationally as Reba McEntire’s opening act for about three years. After high school, the music I started to create took on an alternative rock edge before turning into pop! The evolution of my music mirrors the evolution I’ve made- and hopefully continue to make- as a person. I believe this collection reflects the early stages of that journey.”

The collection Kole references is I’m A Bad Actress (A Collection),  which the singer considers something between an EP and a full-length, was released on October 9th via Starstruck Records and according to Kole was a result of the pandemic.

“I wanted to release a full album this year, but obviously everybody’s plans changed in 2020,” she explains. “I still liked the idea of releasing a larger project compared to the three EPs I have already released, so I’m A Bad Actress (A Collection) was born! It is bits and pieces of me in songs that I have written over the past three years. I love looking at the list of collaborators on this collection because they are all my friends, and we had such a special time creating every little piece of this puzzle!” 

Kole, who has performed alongside the likes of Charlie Daniels, Pat Benatar, and Sheryl Crow and has warmed up for such as Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson, Eric Church and Martina McBride, hopes to once again return to the concert stage as the reality of a COVID-19 vaccine appears on the horizon.  In the meantime, however, the Clearwater, Florida native is thankful for the opportunities that have come her way in light of the release of I’m a Bad Actress. 

“I’m so grateful for the relationships and the songs that came out of the process of creating this collection,” she tells American Songwriter. “And as excited as I am to release this project, I’m equally as excited to start writing the next one. I write at my best when I’m with people who are willing to be just as honest as I am. I’ve also learned that the songwriting sessions seem to be more productive when I bring baked goods and/ or snacks!”

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