In A Tragic Year Of Music Suicides, Them Coulee Boys Release Song That Examines Anxiety And Gives Solace

Photo by Kyle Lehman, courtesy of Big Hassle Media.

It’s been a year of heartache for many members of national music communities. With prominent suicides in the headlines — Neal Casal and David Berman being two tragic examples — many fans and musicians are considering the unfortunate and profound effects that anxiety and depression can have, and how prevalent they are amongst musicians.

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With national efforts to abolish the stigmas surrounding mental illness gaining momentum, many artists and bands are also joining the wave of desired-change and support. One such band is Wisconsin-based folk band, Them Coulee Boys. 

“My Anxiety & Me,” off of their album Die Happy (which came out this past August), is a song that addresses the demons that so many face and seeks to give some solace to those suffering.

The band’s frontman, Soren Staff, wrote the song and said this of it: “My Anxiety & Me is a song about self-acceptance. Managing your mental health is often a journey to what works for you. If that’s medication, if it’s time spent with those you love, or maybe even just a few deep breaths, we all do what it takes to get better. And sometimes that takes a little help. In singing about my mental illness, I hope that we make it a little more normal to talk about everyone else’s. When we accept ourselves, it makes it easier to help. This song also serves as a cap to the rest of the album, because despite the mood and energy, it’s all about that journey. The last verse ties it all together, showing each moment leading to the next. I hope this song helps, like many songs before have helped me.”

Them Coulee Boys recently recorded a live session of the song, which you can watch below.

If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, you can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by phone at 1–800–273–8255 or at to speak with someone online.

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