Cole Bradley Shows His Emotional Side On ‘Jean Jacket’ Video

Country singer/songwriter Cole Bradley is usually known as the guy who “brings the party” with his songs. But in his latest single, “Jean Jacket,” he shows a new, more mature side to his music.

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“When people come to my shows, I want them to escape reality and have a good time, but I’m a sucker for a good ballad and I felt that it was time to put something out that’s super meaningful and kind of show a different side to what I do and show my fans some versatility.”

In addition to being able to listen to this incredibly well-done song, today, exclusively on American Songwriter, you can see the story come to life in the music video.

“I wanted to do a video that showed a more emotional side to my music. It definitely challenged me in a creative way.”

“Jean Jacket” was released this November, but it was written in 2019 with Bradley’s friends Andrew Allen, Brian Melo, Victoria Rudd and Andrew Rudd. The video was directed by Brock Davis Mitchell.

“When you have great writers and great people … it should turn out to be a great song.”

And that’s exactly what happened.

Bradley explains why he feels his audience will be able to really relate to this single and music video.

“When you’re going through a breakup or a tough time, the most important thing you can do is walk away with a little bit of pride,” says Bradley.

“I think that when you listen to the song, “Jean Jacket,” it definitely resembles that pride and standing your ground when it comes to love and never letting anyone else walk all over your heart”

If you have ever received a personal item from someone you’re in a relationship with, you understand how meaningful that is. In this song, that item is a Jean Jacket.

“It can be a jean jacket, a hoodie, or a sweater and when you give it to someone, they will keep it … Obviously with a jean jacket, there’s so much you can talk about with the patches on the sleeve, the fabric and the personality in it.”

If you look closely in the video, the jacket featured contains patches that represent parts of Bradley’s life, adding a personal touch. The patches include the Canadian tuxedo and some musical influences like The Beatles and Johnny Cash.

The video follows the story of a man and a woman who seem to have recently ended their relationship, but the woman is still holding onto something. In this case, the jean jacket seems to resemble the piece of that relationship that still remains between them.

“With the video, you can see the song in a new light. The guy is pretty torn up about the girl and the fact that he can’t get her off his mind. As you see it progress, he gets more and more emotional…”

Watch the video down below to see how the story of the “Jean Jacket” video turns out:

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