Jerry Garcia Tackles “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”


garcia live

The new  album GarciaLive Vol. 3 offers a chance to hear what one of The Band’s signature songs would sound like in the hands of The Grateful Dead’s iconic guitarist and vocalist Jerry Garcia. Garcia performed  “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” some 200 times in different incarnations of his own band between 1972 and 1995, according to This live cut comes from a December 14, 1974 show at the Paramount Theatre in Portland, Oregon. The backing band, dubbed Legion Of Mary, features Merle Saunders on vocals and keyboards, Martin Fierro on saxophone and flute, John Kahn on bass and Ron Tutt on drums.


  1. The Dead and the Band toured together for two weeks in 1970 sharing a train. There is great footage and sound recordings of the Dead/Band (and Janis) jamming. The Dead/Band shared the stage at Watkins Glen. Phil Lesh covered Robbie Robertson’s ‘Broken Arrow’. The Jerry Garcia Band would sometimes play…..enough examples; The Dead and The Band liked and respected each other a lot (music wise as well as personal) so there is lots more to make a connection with between the two bands than just whistling ‘Dixie’, plus a number of cover tunes both bands would play ‘Who do you Love?’, Johnie B Goode’, ect.

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