Jesse Malin Shares Health Update, New Music Video, and Partnership with Joey Ramone Estate to Support His Treatment

Nearly eight months after suffering a rare spinal cord stroke, which left him unable to walk, New York City singer and songwriter Jesse Malin shared an update on his condition, which has taken him to South America for alternative treatment.

Malin revealed that he has been undergoing rehabilitation, including daily physical therapy, and has undergone several stem cell treatments at a clinic in Bueno Aires, Argentina since late September. “They only want people that are very serious,” said Malin of the facility, “and not just playing around.”

On May 4, 2023, Malin was commemorating the one-year anniversary of the death of his D Generation bandmate Howie Pyro with friends at a restaurant in New York City when he felt a burning sensation run from his hips down his legs before collapsing. Initially, Malin was treated at Mount Sinai hospital where he underwent a number of spinal procedures before being transferred to a rehab center at NYU.

“This is the hardest six weeks that I’ve ever had,” shared Malin in an Instagram video shortly after being hospitalized. “I’m told that they don’t really understand it, and they’re not sure of the chances. The reports from the doctors have been tough, and there’s moments in the day where you want to cry, and where you’re scared. But I keep saying to myself that I can make this happen. I can recover my body.”

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Intent on fighting his condition, Malin said there are difficult days when he often wakes up in the middle of the night with the realization, and reminder, that he can’t move.

“I have a lot of anxiety and insomnia,” shared Malin. “Your mind goes into some dark places, but I just have to keep a positive outlook and believe. I think of that Bruce Springsteen song ‘Stolen Car,’ when he says, ‘I’m driving a stolen car through a pitch-black night/I keep telling myself everything’s gonna be alright.’ But it all feels like one long, tough day.”

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As he continues working on overcoming his condition, Malin said he is still writing in his journal, playing guitar, and trying to remain as creative as he can during his recovery.

He also released a video for a new version of the title track of his debut album The Fine Art of Self Destruction. Directed by director Dave Stekert, the video was originally filmed in March of 2023, two months before he was hospitalized. The original title track was rerecorded and reimagined by Malin as “The Fine Art of Self Destruction (Lonely Process)” to celebrate the expanded 20th-anniversary reissue of the album.

Soon after Malin’s collapse and hospitalization, his manager, David Bason, along with a group of friends launched the Jesse Malin Fund on Sweet Relief to help raise money for his medical expenses and ongoing care.

His Sweet Relief Fund has now partnered with the estate of Joey Ramone for a special auction of the late Ramone’s personal collection of clothes and artifacts, donated by Joey’s brother Mickey Leigh, with proceeds going directly to supporting Malin’s recovery.

Items featured in the Joey Ramone Auction for Jesse Malin, which is open through December 21, include items of clothing owned and worn by the late Ramone, including his Murphy’s Law and Soundgarden T-shirts, a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, a vinyl and poster bundle, and more.

Sweet Relief has also added new Malin merchandise to help with the artist’s expenses.

At first, Malin said he wanted to keep his condition and treatment quiet, but the immense outpouring of support from friends and fans has lifted his spirits.

“Thank you guys again for all the love,” wrote Malin in a recent Instagram post, along with an image of all the “get well” cards he’s received. “I truly have the best fans and friends in the world.”

Photo: Brian Berson / Courtesy of Kid Logic Media

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