Josh Charles Releases New Single, “Life Ain’t Fair”

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Josh Charles listens to early mixes at Omni Studios, in Nashville.

Singer-songwriter and Dr. John piano protégé Josh Charles has released a new country single, “Life Ain’t Fair”, co-written with veteran songwriter Milton L. Brown, whose No. 1 Hits include “Every Which Way But Loose” and “Any Which Way You Can.”

The new single is available on iTunes.

“’Life Ain’t Fair’ is a song that speaks for what is happening to the socio-economic state of our country, and yet for as dark as days get, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel,” Charles says. “You keep keepin’ on because that’s the only way to go,”

The track was recorded in Nashville at Omni Studios with guitarist Kenny Vaughan and drummer Harry Stinson on drums and background vocals, among other notable Nashville session players.

“Hopefully, most of the listeners are not going to be in as bad shape as the poor bastard depicted in this song,” says Brown. “He’s broke, his sweetheart left him, and he’s hitching to Seattle, hoping to land a minimum wage job on an airplane assembly line. Nevertheless, a lot of folks are hurting now, and we felt that this song was right for the times in which we’re living.”


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