Juliana Hatfield Pens the Ballad of Lindsay Lohan

Alt-rock singer-songwriter Juliana Hatfield thinks Lindsay Lohan is an under-appreciated actress. In her new song, “There’s Always Another Girl (For Lindsay Lohan),” available here, the “Spin the Bottle” singer comes to the pop starlet’s defense.

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“Oh people love it when a beautifiul woman self destructs/Like a bird in a cage or a bug under glass people point but don’t touch/But beautiful boys get away with so much, they get away with murder/They can be wasted and dirty and cruel because they know there’s always another girl/And you want her, you really want her/She’s a mirage, in the desert, she’s like water”

The songs is an affable, minor key, acoustic guitar diddy with interesting vocal harmonies. Hatfield tells Stereogum:

I rented I Know Who Killed Me and was impressed at how watchable and interesting Lindsay Lohan was in it, which was a surprise because the film was universally panned. That got me thinking, and Tweeting, about what a sort of bum rap Lindsay has gotten these past few years and how she is actually, if you sit down and watch her with an open mind, a good actor and how all she needs is one great, serious role in a good movie — maybe a small indie movie — to make people take her seriously (like Mickey Rourke and The Wrestler). It’s so gross and nasty for people to be watching and waiting and almost cheerleading for Lindsay to relapse, or get in a car crash or whatever. Horrible.

Men and women in the entertainment business are treated so differently. Women seem to be judged more harshly. I feel it (though I operate in the margins/peripherals). Lindsay must feel it, too. And, so, I feel for her. I say: Give Lindsay Lohan a break and a chance. She could be a great actor if she focuses on getting and doing good work.


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  1. I could not agree more- Its time to back off this young lady and allow her to grow and flourish. She isprime for an AMAZING and totally possible and plausible resurgence as the very talented and creative actress she has always been.

    I look forward to what many of us have believed, known and seen in her for years- we all get distracted, we all make mistakes and hopefully we all learn and grow from them. I would never write this girl off- hasn’t anyone noticed how incredibly tenatious and determined she is inspite of all the distractions surrounding her.

    Lindsay Lohan is just getting started again. Good things lie ahead for this beautiful and talented redhead. Totally believe in her and thanks for writing the song Juliana- hope more folks will start coming out and showing up to support her.

  2. I also want to see Lindsay in big films. She is more likable than others her age. I know she will be a big actress within 5 years.

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