Jus Goodie Leaves Everything to Interpretation on “Thing To Do”

On “Thing To Do,” Jus Goodie has a story to tell, one left to interpretation by the listener.

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“This is a story of a mission and a pressing matter, that cannot be executed alone,” shares Goodie (real name, Justin Goodman). “It’s mysterious, captivating, inspiring, and leaves you wanting more, with an open-ended twist at the end.”

Fused in a breezier reggae-soul and set upon a drifting love and unknown adventure, “Thing To Do” is a ride through the desert when you know you’re not alone. “‘Thing To Do’ is an adventurous story,” says Goodie. “We hope that it evokes feelings of excitement… We want to our listeners to imagine going out for a drive, keeping their cool and exploring the unknown.”

Written January 2021, “Thing To Do” is a release of inhibitions and resonates following a time in locked isolation. For the San Diego-based band, led by band leaders Goodie and Zan, writing has become a transference of experience and feeling, with little formulated around anything intentional.

“We’ve gotten more experimental and we’re drawing from our all our musical influences throughout our lives,” says Goodie.

He adds, “We’ve been focusing on the flow and connection between our recently written songs and have drawn inspiration from storytelling. Each our of songs tells a story that can be interpreted by the listener and our goal is for each story to be relatable and captivating. ‘Thing To Do’ is the next chapter in our musical story.” 

As venues start to reopen, Goodie is ready to tour and is set to release a fourth album by fall 2021, a follow up to On Time in 2015. Music is in a different flow, and “Thing To Do” is just the beginning.

“Writing this song was fun, because it took its own shape,” says Goodie. “As the lyrics started to flow, what would unfold next was unknown. This song just spilled out with true inspiration”

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