Kid Rock and Beer: Together At Last

The Detroit rocker gets his own malty beverage.

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Kid Rock and beer? Who’d have thunk it. Yet it seems the man who’s given us lines like “red, white and the Pabst Blue Ribbon” and “over here in the rear with your girl and the forties of beer” is teaming up with the Michigan Brewing Co. to develop his own signature brew.

“He’s working on designing the beer. He’s giving me direction,” Michigan Brewing Co. owner Bobby Mason tells the Detroit Free Press. “He’s tasting the beers. It’s his idea, it’s his concept. I’m just working with him to make it happen.”

Though there has been no decision yet regarding details like beer name, style, or price, Mason and his Webberville-based brewing company received a $722,957 state tax credit last week from the Michigan Economic Growth Authority to help produce the beer. The company stated they will invest $7 million into the beverage and that the project will create an estimated 394 new jobs throughout the state.

“It’ll be one beer starting out, and we’ll see where it goes from there,” said Mason, who hopes to have beers in stores by mid-Spring.

The Michigan Brewing Company currently has eight employees and produces 100,000 barrels of beer per year. According to Mason, the goal is to have 150 employees within five years and produce 100,000 barrels of Kid Rock’s beer alone per year. The brewery produces other crafted beers such as the Peninsula Porter and Superior Stout.

Kid Rock is currently slated to perform at selected festival dates through July, including Stagecoach (April 26th) in Indio, California and BamaJam (June 6th) in Enterprise, Alabama.

He is also going to drink beer.


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