Tucker Beathard Finds His Voice While Healing His Heart on New Album “King”

Hundreds of days and thousands of tears since his 22-year-old brother Clay was killed in an altercation outside a Nashville bar last December, country music powerhouse Tucker Beathard says he is doing okay.

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Actually, he claims he is better than okay.

“I’ve never been better, as weird as it sounds,” Beathard tells American Songwriter in a voice that sounds like it might crack at any moment. “There is no doubt that this chapter of my life has been the hardest.  But I firmly believe you go through things so you can really grow. If you keep your faith, it can grow you in ways that you won’t believe.”

Granted, getting to this enlightened point of his young life has been a journey for the Nashville native who admits he has spent many days grappling with the reality of one of his greatest fears.

“I remember being so scared of something like this happening,” Beathard says of his brother Clay’s tragic passing. “I used to pray that I would be the first one to go in my family, because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle it…and I was right.”

Much like countless songwriters before him, Beathard carried that almost unspeakable fear into the writing room with him during a session for his new album King, which serves as the second installment of his debut double album. And in doing so, the alt-rock, country fireball came out with one of the most powerful songs of 2020.

“I underestimated what faith can do and how important it was to have the Lord be your strength, because ultimately, He will get you through it all,” says Beathard of the emotion packed “I Ain’t Without You.”. “That’s a real thing I experienced and learned in the writing room that day.”

Written alongside his dad and collaborator Casey Beathard, “I Ain’t Without You” is the 13th track on a 20-plus collection of songs that Beathard began with the release of Nobody’s Everything back in 2018.

“I wrote (“I Ain’t Without You) this year with my dad because no one else would understand what I was saying,” says Beathard, who first performed the stirring yet hopeful song earlier this year at the Grand Ole Opry. “We couldn’t finish the album without it.”

Diving heart first into the intricacies of love and loss and the loneliness that can come even when everyone knows your name, King catapults Beathard towards legendary status as a songwriter, as an artist and as a person that continues to evolve with every note.

“I think to some extent. I’ve always been a little emotionally closed off, but that’s why I write,” says Beathard, who serves as co-producer and co-writer on every track of King. “It’s my outlet. My growth and my faith in Jesus Christ has changed my life internally, and my writing has changed because of it.”

In a rather mystical and spiritual way, the album volleys between sexy and sad and between sensitive ballads to rocking anthems with an ease that comes when one decides to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve.

“I had so many songs stockpiled for this album,” recalls Beathard. “I got to hone in on what songs and what sides of myself that I wanted to express.”

Pushing the past limits of his vocals on songs like the groove-heavy “Can’t Stay Here” and the touching “Faithful” and turning the traditional breakup song on its head via “20-10 Tennessee,” Beathard’s sometimes underestimated writing talents shine throughout every single cut.

“If you have the ability and the passion to channel internal things through the art of a song, that’s a gift that you need to share,” says Beathard of songwriting. “If you are vulnerable and honest in those songs, you will find out really quick that you are not the only one who can relate. Music is a language for feelings and emotions that nothing else can touch on, and the only way you can do that justice it to be vulnerable and pour it on out.”

He pauses for a mere moment.

“And if doing that doesn’t give you mainstream success or a bunch of money or whatever…,” he admits as his voice trails off. “To have the chance to make a difference in someone’s life is more valuable and important.”

True words from a 25-year-old that sounds like he’s growing up into the artist and the songwriter…and the daddy he was always meant to be.

“The coolest thing is that so much of this album was created before my daughter was born,” says Beathard, who revealed in July that he has a two-year-old daughter named Sage. “You want to talk about emotional? I was dealing with the circumstances and the situation and I was scared to death. I had a lot of emotions going on and so much of that played a role in this album. I had a lot of built up stuff that I had to do something with.”

Beathard laughs.

“Having my daughter…its changed my life and she has become one of the biggest blessings in my life. It’s been an awesome experience so far.”

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