Tucker Beathard Expresses the Internal and Eternal on New Song, “Prayin’ For You”

Country singer Tucker Beathard comes from a long line of accomplished kin. From his father, popular songwriter Casey Beathard, to his NFL football-playing brother, CJ, Beathard knows what success looks like.

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He also knows what tragedy looks like. The artist lost his younger brother when he was stabbed outside of a bar in Nashville. There aren’t many lows lower than that. Yet, Beathard continues on, writing and releasing quality material like his newest song, “Prayin’ For You,” which is out today (December 10).

We caught up with the former baseball player-turned-songwriter to ask him about his love of music, his father’s influence, and where his newest single came from.

American Songwriter: What was the genesis of your new song, “Prayin’ For You,” and what is it like to have it out in the world today? 

Tucker Beathard: I never met [co-writers] Zack [Abend] or Nick [Donley] before but I was looking forward to seeing and writing with Hardy again cause I knew we worked well together. But still, you never really know what’s gonna come out of any writing session. The idea of “Praying for God” got brought up and it made sense to just write it about some of the craziness you see in the world today.

When you write a song that has a relevant and universal message, the sooner it’s out, the better in my opinion. Zack made a great demo track, so I figured instead of waiting, let’s just put that out. I’m just glad it worked out and can be heard.  

AS: What do you love about the craft of songwriting today—especially given that it’s something you’ve grown into more and more over the years? 

TB: I’ve always been passionate about writing good quality songs, which to me means writing authentic, honest, raw, believable, and vulnerable songs, whether it fits in or not. So nothing has changed as far as approach, but I have definitely grown a lot as a writer and person and I feel like I have a better grasp on what I want to say and how to say it. 

AS: What’s coming up next for you—new album, tour, singles? 

TB: I’ve had more time to write this year than ever, and have written a lot of songs. I plan on recording and releasing a new project before hitting the road just to hit the road. 

AS: Your father is an award-winning musician and songwriter. How did his influence introduce you to music and what were some of the first lessons for you in the craft? 

TB: I think the passion and ability to create and write authentic music is a God-given gift that can’t be taught. But growing up around that kind of music environment was kind of like fuel for that fire. Definitely more so on the writing side. He kinda led by example about taking pride in what you say and how to say it. 

AS: What do you love most about music?

TB: I love how it gives an outlet for people like myself who have a lot more going on internally than they know how to express. And it gives a voice for others who listen and can relate. Getting to call it my full-time job is just an extra bonus.

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