Lena Stone Tackles Love From All Sides

Lena Stone’s new record sounds like how a journal or diary would read. It has crushing moments of heartbreak intermingled with songs that celebrate new love. Altogether, this album—which is self-titled and Stone’s first full-length album—contains 12 songs that embrace love no matter its form. 

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“I have always wanted to do a longer collection, and be able to put together a longer, more in-depth story, than you can tell on an EP,” Stone tells American Songwriter about Lena Stone. “And I think one of the main themes through the album is perspective. I’m looking back on a lot of experiences from my late teens or my early 20s or my mid-20s with some really healthy hindsight and fresh eyes.

“I think that’s been able to let me have a slightly more nuanced take on some pretty ugly relationships,” she continues. “Then the other themes on the album are the complete opposite. It’s finding my person and falling in love with him and getting ready to get married this fall.”

An example of the latter theme is the blissful track, “LOML” (which stands for “Love of My Life”). Stone has been open about the fact that “LOML” is her favorite song that she’s ever released to date. The song is autobiographical; it’s about Stone’s relationship with her now fiancé. “It feels so true to where I am right now in this moment,” she says. “That’s a really fun feeling that’s kind of new to be singing about—this thing that I’m in right now. And I also just love singing it.”

You’re the love of my life
We could sit on the couch watching all the same reruns
A hundred times
When we laugh over nothing I know you’re the right one

Another standout track is the addictive “Messy.” Stone wrote the song earlier in her creative process for Lena Stone, and it reflects on a past relationship. “Messy” describes that feeling of trying to get over someone when moving on is easier said than done. “I love getting to paint that picture,” Stone says, “and I know I’ve been there. I think almost everyone who’s gone through a breakup has been there at some point.”

Other songs on the record like “Lightweight” and “Taking Up Space” are must-listens, and they round out a holistic set of songs that is fit for any occasion. And make no mistake, this approach to love and music was done intentionally.  “I wanted there to be something for everybody,” the singer says of her debut LP. 

Lena Stone is also the singer/songwriter’s first stab at pop music. Her earlier releases showcased Stone’s country music capabilities, but now, she’s returning to the genre she grew up with. “It feels so natural,” Stone says of her first pop record. “I have so much respect for country music, but I also think that so much of my background and what I grew up on is pop music. So this really kind of felt like a homecoming in a lot of ways.” 

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