Living Colour: Still Alive, Still Kicking on New LP

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After almost six years, rock band Living Colour, best known for their award-winning 1998 single “Cult of Personality,” will release their fifth studio album, The Chair in the Doorway September 15 on Megaforce Records.  The eleven-song album serves up hard rock, funk metal and blues-influenced music, along with plenty of Corey Glover’s signature power vocals. The album took shape after the band was asked to re-record their notorious “Cult of Personality for “Guitar Hero III:  Legends of Rock.”  The band recorded mostly in the Czech Republic at Sono Studio while Glover had time off from touring duties as Judas in “Jesus Christ Superstar.”   “We recorded everywhere. We even recorded during shows – ideas that came up during shows turned into songs,” Glover tells “A lot of that turned onto [bassist] Doug [Wimbish]. Doug made up a lot of grooves; we took a lot of grooves we had from soundchecks and gigs – and he sort of codified and made a library of that stuff.”

Living Colour never broke up, as rumors suggested, but they have been working on several different assignments individually. Drummer Will Calhoun has worked on albums by Mos Def, Kaki King, Herb Alpert, and Wayne Shorter, as well as his own jazz-oriented releases.  Guitarist Vernon Reid has worked with Mick Jagger, Tracy Chapman, and recently K’Naan.  Wimbish has worked with the Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, Placebo, Talib Kweli, BT, and Annie Lennox. “Everyone sees the video and thinks we’re a band from the eighties or we broke up or we’re not together,” he says. “But it’s not a reunion thing. In some form or another, all of us have been playing with each other. Will and Doug have a band that I would sit in every now and then. Vernon had a band that I’d come in and do some stuff. Even in those times when we weren’t together we were still playing together.”

Track list for “The Chair In The Doorway”:

“Burned Bridges”

“The Chair”


“Young Man”


“Behind The Sun”

“Bless Those”

“Hard Times”

“Taught Me”

“Out Of Mind”

“Not Tomorrow”


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