Love You Later Spits Out Toxicity On New EP ‘Mouthwash’

Nashville-based performer and songwriter Lexi Aviles has learned a vital lesson: toxicity leaves a bad aftertaste.

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While most folks learn this simple truth and continue on with their lives trying to avoid toxic people, Aviles has gone above and beyond in cementing her commitment to healthier living: she gathered her thoughts and wrote them into three killer songs. Now, she’s putting out those songs as a new EP with her dream-pop solo project, Love You Later. Self-released, Mouthwash dropped on December 11 and encapsulates everything there is to love about Aviles’ style. 

Mouthwash is the cleanse from toxicity,” she explained to American Songwriter. “As humans, we allow toxicity to creep into our lives. This is really about admitting that you let it in in the first place and looking it in the face and saying ‘You left a bad taste in my mouth/ Mouthwash/ Spit you out.’”

Quoting the chorus from the EP’s second song (entitled “Mouthwash”) at the end there, Aviles demonstrates her to-the-point writing style that effortlessly adheres to the aesthetics of today’s indie-pop. By using relatable imagery and infectiously catchy pop hooks, the songs on Mouthwash are almost anthemic at times, begging to be added to some kind of retrospective, drive-around-at-midnight-with-the-windows-down-and-the-stereo-up playlist. Just listen to the melodies and hooks on the three songs — each one feels as thoughtful and relatable as Phoebe Bridgers and as undeniably poppy and fun as Shania Twain.

Perhaps that’s what makes the EP so exciting. By taking the best elements of a couple of different pop styles — straight-up-pop, dream-pop, indie-pop and a dash of hyperpop — Aviles synthesizes her tastes into a fresh and irresistible sound unto itself. Just listen to the way the verses seamlessly build into a bombastic chorus on the opening track, “Baseball” (for which a brand new music video just dropped) — it’s pure pop magic! 

Yet, the “man behind the curtain” is no card-trick hack — recorded in Nashville with Garrison Burgess (The Band CAMINO) and Reagan Renfrow, Mouthwash marks a step forward in Aviles’ budding career. “This was our first time all working together but it was such an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait to do it all over again,” she said. “With the help and influence of Garrison and Reagan, I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone into a new sonic arena where I felt like Love You Later is evolving. I’m proud of what we created. The process of writing the project was extremely therapeutic and to have some of my favorite people surrounding me while I threw my heart out there was pretty much like the best therapy session.”

For as therapeutic as it was when Aviles made Mouthwash, she hopes it can serve a greater purpose for her listeners too. “My aspiration with the EP is to inspire the listener to take a deep breath, let go, move on and fully accept positivity and love,” she said. “I hope listeners feel inspired to let go of any toxicity in their life, whether that be from a person or something that’s been haunting them.”

Watch the music video for “Baseball” by Love You Later below:

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