Low Cut Connie: Call Me Sylvia

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Low Cut Connie
Call Me Sylvia
(Low Cut Connie)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It goes without saying that any rock and roll band with song titles like “(No More) Wet T-Shirt Contests,” “Scoliosis in Secaucus” and “Boozophilia” likes to play by their own rules. That goes for self-managing, self-booking and self-releasing their albums – this is their second – too. Elements of 60s pop spar with rollicking Faces-styled piano/organ and rugged hooks thick enough to hang meat from as this quartet grinds out whip smart material that never seems retro. There is snap and crackle in Low Cut Connie’s pop and a gutsy edge that’ll have you turning up the volume regardless of where you’re at. When the handclaps push the beat on the rollicking garage of “Pity Party” you’ll want to invite friends over for your own bash. The 15 tracks breeze by in 43 hyperventilating minutes even when the mood turns bluesy on “Stay Alive If You Can” and the walking bass, back alley creep kicks off the title track. It’s all frothy fun with snappy, sassy lyrics (including some inoffensive “f” bombs) and a rootsy energy that shoots out of the speakers.

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