Luke Bryan on What He’s Learned from Katy Perry and Lionel Richie

Luke Bryan has the utmost respect for his fellow American Idol judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Since 2018, the country superstar has served alongside pop icons Perry and Richie on the Idol reboot, and he continues to learn from them each season. “They’ve taught me how to be humble being worldwide superstars,” Bryan recently told American Songwriter and other media.

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Describing Perry as aglobal icon,” Bryan has admired how she’s navigated the pressures of the industry with grace. “I look at all of the negativity I get through the years and the positivity, and Katy’s is multiplied times a million just because of being a female pop star on a global stage,” the country hitmaker observes. “The fact that she’s gotten through this business with a great heart and she’s fun to be around…she’s a great person.”

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Citing Richie as “one of the most legendary humans ever,” Bryan says he’s earned that distinction not just for his massive contributions to music, but for his spirit. “He teaches you that every day, you gotta wake up and be what you are,” Bryan describes. “He treats everyone like he’s known you for a hundred years.”

Bryan affirms that the three judges always bring open hearts and minds to the panel, wanting the best for the contestants that they’re mentoring. “When we’re at the desk on American Idol, we really think with our hearts a lot. We’re not there for egos and bettering our career,” he expresses. He also believes that the high volume of country contestants has proven to Perry and Richie that country music also has a global platform.

“I think they’ve learned that country music has a huge voice…country’s in a great place and I hope I can help showcase it when I’m onstage, and certainly when I’m at the desk on American Idol,” Bryan shares. “I’ve learned so much being a part of that show.”

All three judges are returning to Idol for season 22 when it airs in 2024 on ABC.

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