Maddox Jones Premieres, Discusses New Single, “Headspace”

UK-based singer/songwriter Maddox Jones (formerly of Born Stranger) premieres his video on May 29 for “Headspace,” the title track to his debut solo EP that’s set for a July 10 release.

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“Headspace,” Jones says, “is one of those tracks that came together really quickly. The lyrics and production just flowed, and apart from the middle 8 it was pretty much written, recorded and produced in one night with my friend, producer Dave Crawford.” Jones and Crawford crafted a song that starts out with a simple, solemn synth-based riff, but builds into a complex, cathartic danceable anthem.

Jones recalls the rush that he felt as the song developed: “I remember feeling chilled and creative that night. We were looking at each other going, ‘Has this really come together this easily? Just like that?’ Some songs, it can be harder to find the truth in them, but this one just flowed.”

Jones says he was able to work so quickly because he felt moved by his self-care practices. “The verses were inspired by guided meditation tracks, ‘take a deep breath, let it all out’ and ‘feel the ground pushing back against your feet.’

“I’ve been getting into mindfulness and meditation,” Jones continues. “This track is speaking to someone who you want to be there for, you’re trying to calm them, reassure them, connect with them in a deep way. So the verses are designed to offer that calming influence, trying to help the listener to stay grounded, to capture that moment of a conversation between two people who care about each other.”

Given the current difficult circumstances in the world due to the pandemic, “Headspace” seems perfectly positioned to provide solace for others, even as it initially proved healing for Jones himself. “It’s a song that kept me company in the dead of night when I was used to sleeping next to somebody and found myself alone,” he says. “It can force you to take a proper look at yourself when you only have yourself for company.”

Jones hopes that the song’s message will now resonate with others: “I wonder if maybe lots of people might be feeling a bit like this right now, if they’re isolating alone in this pandemic. It’s about searching for a connection with someone when they’re going through something hard and you just want to be there for them, to be a safe space for them.

“It’s so easy to cut ourselves off from people, feel alone, but opening up to people can be so powerful in getting through hard times,” Jones says. “The song is about craving intimacy and deep connection with someone, wanting them to know that you are there for them.”

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