Michelle Brooke Weathers A Broken Relationship With New Song, “Storm”

Photo Credit: Aliegh Shields

Nashville powerhouse Michelle Brooke makes a bold move with her new song “Storm,” premiering today. Her voice dazzles in the light of gospel and soul music, and while the production certainly crescendos to mirror her own journey out of a broken relationship, there is stunning vulnerability embedded in the lyrics.

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Co-written with Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark of Apollo LTD, “Storm” depicts the ravages of Brooke’s past relationship and its outward emotional ripples. The song anchors her debut EP, recorded at Sputnik Sound with producer Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay), which is expected in 2020. “You blew right in like a hurricane / You left as quickly as you came / And now I’m riding these winds of change,” she sings, painting parallels of heartbreak to erratic weather patterns.

“‘Storm’ was written at a time when I was healing from a break up of a relationship that I completely lost myself in. I met someone that I connected with very deeply and very quickly, and just like a storm, they were out as quick as they came,” shares Brooke, originally from Detroit. “I was left feeling like I never had any closure, and there’s nothing worse to me than not knowing that a chapter is truly closed. This song is for everyone who’s ever felt like a relationship or event in their life came so suddenly and then left them feeling shaken, confused, and unheard. I like to think that there was a quiet storm brewing in me, and writing this song felt like I was able to unleash all of the things I never got to say.”

Even since penning her second single, Brooke has managed to gain further insight into her life and understanding of self. “The longer I’ve lived with this song, the more I’ve realized how it alludes to the ‘unexpected weather’ that happens in our lives every day. I had to learn how to be resilient,” she says. “I couldn’t keep wallowing in the poor weather; I had to fight back. I hope that this song can give people the courage to stare into the eye of the storm that they’re trying to conquer.”

Listen to “Storm” below.

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