Miley Cyrus Hooks Up With Rob Thomas On Twitter


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tweet: Dear Rob Thomas, my name is Miley. I have a question to ask you. Why are you a genius?

That’s the message Miley Cyrus posted on her official Twitter page back in June. The background of her Twitter page features a great shot of the mid-60’s era Beatles, who are legitimate musical geniuses. But Rob Thomas?

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and Matchbox 20 frontman wrote back:

@mileycyrus hey sista. got a thousand messages saying how many nice things you’ve been saying about me. we’ll have to find time to write.

Now the teen music queen and the man who wrote “Smooth” are teaming to collaborate on a song for Miley’s upcoming film The Last Song, about a girl and her estranged father who reconnect over music.

According to The Daily News, Cyrus was able to realize her dream of working with her idol when director Adam Shankman approached Thomas on her behalf.

“My buddy Adam Shankman, who just directed Miley’s movie, called me on the phone the other day and was like, ‘You have to write a song for this movie,'” says Thomas. “It was so funny.”


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  1. She seems to be trying hard to be a good person and has in mind she’s a role model. Not easy. Plus she likes Rob Thomas…what’s not to like in her taste there? You go girl. Best wishes.

  2. I think that they r both gr8! I love Rob Thomas, i’m like his bigest fan, i’m happy that they both decided 2 write a song together 4 this movie, that means it’ll be 100 times better, Rob writes gr8 songs and they both sing gr8, so the movie will be a hit becuz of them. 🙂

  3. miley is only young but willing to give it her best shot , rob thomas will definately give her guidence and encouragement cause thats the kind of person he is nothing wrong witha little help in life .

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