Prima Donna Makes Christmas Tunes Slick Again With “Mistletoe Blues”

Typically, Christmas songs aren’t much to write home about. Then again when it comes to LA rockers Prima Donna, the word typical has no home with them.

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If you don’t know Prima Donna, you’re missing out. With an overall sound that marries The Clash with the Stray Cats, Springsteen’s Jersey shore with the coastal punk of bands like Everclear and Green Day, Prima Donna is as much a throwback to 50’s/60’s era greaser era rock and roll as it is custom made for right here and right now.

Part Chuck Berry and part Elvis all mixed with a cool rockabilly vibe, Prima Donna has succeeded in making Christmas slick again with their brand-new original Christmas song “Mistletoe Blues.” Bolstered by both Kevin Preston’s soulful vocals and Aaron Minton’s tenor sax, “Mistletoe Blues” is the holiday equivalent of a Sun Records resurrection. And if none of that makes sense, consider it like this; if Eddie & The Cruisers were real and made a Christmas song, this would be it.

“I got to hang out with Priscilla Presley around Christmas 2019. That’s when the wheels started turning,” reflects frontman, singer / guitarist Preston. “I wanted to write a new holiday tune that had the charm of all the old classics.”

While the smooth and bluesy holiday track was released back in late November as the flipside to their other holiday effort “Gimme Christmas,” the boys have partnered with American Songwriter to unveil the “Mistletoe Blues” music video.

“We think we have a Christmas classic on our hands” says drummer David S. Field. “What’s more relatable, especially in these times, than not being with the one you love during the Holidays. Everyone has had the mistletoe blues before, and if you haven’t, you will.” 

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