Moby Apologizes to the Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan for Something He Said 27 Years Ago

Moby is apologizing to the Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan for something he said in 1997 because, as a vegan, he’s not allowed to have beef.

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All jokes aside, Moby really is apologizing to Corgan for calling him a “deadbeat” and claiming he owed him a remix in 1997. Speaking with MTV News at the Q101 Jamboree outside of Chicago at the time, Moby called Corgan out for not making a remix of his music when Moby made one for Corgan.

“A lot of times when I do remixes, rather than get the artist to pay me, I work on a barter system,” he said in 1997. “Right now my debtors, people who owe me, are Soundgarden and the Smashing Pumpkins, I did remixes for them and they didn’t pay me anything for them.”

He added, “We did it with the understanding that they were supposed to do a remix for me, but unfortunately…with the Smashing Pumpkins I did a year and a half ago, and every time I see Billy I ask him where my remix is, but I can understand he’s kind of busy.”

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Moby Apologizes to Billy Corgan for Calling Him a “Deadbeat” 27 Years Ago

Now, in a recent interview with Stereogum, Moby addressed these age-old comments. “I’ve had this problem — I’ve had many problems — but one of my problems is that I think I’m being funny, and I end up offending people by trying to be funny,” he admitted. “With Billy, I jokingly said, ‘Yeah, Billy Corgan’s a deadbeat. He owes me a remix.’ To me, that’s funny. But I’ve learned I should just simply not make jokes. It just gets me into trouble.”

Moby continued, claiming he has no ill feelings toward Corgan. “It was just that frustration of wanting to explain to someone, ‘I was making a joke, I’m sorry, it got interpreted badly,'” he added.

In other news, Moby has a new album due out on June 14, Always Centered At Night. Additionally, he’ll be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Play with his first live shows in 10 years, where he’ll play all his greatest hits. He will be donating all the proceeds from the tour this September to local animal rights organizations.

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