Moby Resurfaces With “Wait For Me”

Whether you did or didn’t enjoy 2008’s Last Night, prepare to hear a different side of Moby on his next album, Wait for Me, which will be released on June 30 through Mute.

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“I wanted to focus on making something that I loved, without really being concerned about how it might be received by the marketplace,” the electronic music maven wrote on  “As a result it’s a quieter and more melodic and more mournful and more personal record than some of the records I’ve made in the past.
“It’s also, for better or worse, all homemade, in that I recorded it at home with my friends and drew the artwork with a black sharpie on copy paper,” he added.

However, not everything about the album, which will be released by Mute, is “homemade” or low key.  Film guru David Lynch directed the music video for album’s first single, “Shot in the Back of the Head,” which you can check out at

Here’s the Wait for Me tracklist:

1 Division
2 Pale Horses
3 Shot in the Back of the Head
4 Study War
5 Walk With Me
6 Stock Radio
7 Mistake
8 Scream Pilots
9 Jltf 1
10 Jltf
11 A Seated Night
12 Wait for Me
13 Hope Is Gone
14 Ghost Return
15 Slow Light
16 Isolate

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