Morrissey Opens Up About His Love Life in Autobiography


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The Odyssey. The Iliad. Sense and Sensibility. That’s the sort of stuff that normally get released by Penguin Classics, a publishing imprint focused on time-honored, must-read books. The company recently unveiled a new release, though, and it’s not quite as old as the others. The author? Morrissey. The title? Autobiography.

The whole thing is 457 pages. There are no chapters. There’s no index. The opening paragraph lasts for nearly five pages. In other words, Autobiography is everything we’d expect from Morrissey, a man who’s been making his own rules — controversy be damned — since the ‘80s.

There’s some unexpected stuff, too, like a look at his two-year relationship with a man named Jake Walters and a few paragraphs about his childhood abuse at the hands of a school teacher. Don’t bother flipping through the pages for some nice words about Mike Joyce or Andy Rourke, though. That thorn is still lodged in Morrissey’s side.

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